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The 50+ Group

It’s just what the name implies; a group of people aged 50 and over. There are more than 250 in the group and on average some 170 come along every ***Thursday to make full use of all the facilities the Leisure Centre provides. Activities start at 9.00am and continue through the day until 4.00pm. For a very affordable entrance fee the over-50s can enjoy any – or all – of the sessions on offer on a “pick and mix” basis. Some come just for the morning, some for the afternoon and many stay for the whole day, taking full advantage of activities as varied as Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Craft Workshop, Dancing (Latin and tap), Easybeat Exercise, Pilates, Short Mat Bowls, Table Tennis, Tennis, Tenso Chi, Trampolining and Yoga.

Many of the 50+ Group also take advantage of the gym while they are there. They’re a hale and hearty lot the Horsham 50+ Group!

The government and health services encourage people to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going along to the 50+ Activity Day once a week enables the older generation of Horsham District to do just that. This must mean fewer calls on the local health and support services. Money Horsham District Council spends on supporting the 50+ Day is money well spent.

But we don’t want to give the impression that it’s all “health enhancing, sporting activity” on a 50+ Day. We can’t overestimate the benefits of the social side as well. People can sit and chat over a coffee or enjoy a subsidised lunch in the café. Firm friendships have been formed over the years. Some of the group have been coming since its inception 25 years ago and many have found comfort in the support of good friends among the 50+ Group in times of family difficulties and bereavement. As Fred (in his 80s) said “It’s not just about sport – it’s far more than that – it’s a way of life to us now”. People arrange their diaries around their Thursday 50+ Day; it’s so important to them.

The 50+ Group is well represented in the Joint User Group and is determined to support the campaign to retain all the marvellous facilities at Broadbridge Heath. Members want to continue enhancing the general health and wellbeing of their age group and are only too aware that any move to disperse the Leisure Centre’s facilities will only endanger that.

*** Such is the popularity of the Thursday 50+ day, that the Leisure Centre has decided to offer similar activities on a Monday too. With table tennis starting at 9.00am and sessions of tennis, archery, easybeat exercise, pilates and zumba taking place during the day (and the gym available through to 4.00pm) this extra 50+ day is proving a great success. It’s been going since mid April and the management will be happy to consider even more activities on a Monday if there is the demand.

And as a footnote, a warm welcome awaits anyone new wanting to join the group.
Just come along on a Thursday (or a Monday) and try it out.

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